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Our comprehensive solutions cater to the specific needs of physicians, hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and promote diversity in clinical trials.


For physicians and hospitals, we provide innovative technologies and data-driven tools that streamline workflows, enhance patient care, and improve operational efficiency.


Our solutions empower pharmaceutical manufacturers with accelerated drug development, cost reduction, and high-quality clinical trials through strategic partnerships and efficient trial management. We also prioritize diversity in clinical trials, offering access to diverse patient populations and driving inclusivity in research to ensure representative and generalizable results.


With our tailored solutions, we aim to support and advance healthcare across various sectors while promoting equity and better outcomes for all.

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These coordinators are on site for study visits. The Clinical Research Alliance (CRA) team is in communication with the sub-site every step of the way to ensure that only eligible patients are enrolled, and there is a strict adherence to protocol. CRA offers this service to dedicated and knowledgeable physicians who understand the importance of clinical research but lack the infrastructure to perform clinical trials independently. This has become an obstacle for many physicians across the nation.  Due to current trying economic times and an inability to provide necessary funds to keep a research program afloat, many physicians’ offices have disbanded their research department. In an effort to solve this issue for physicians, CRA provides its members with the advantage of having mobile study coordinators in their office without the expense of maintaining their salaries, equipment, etc.


Our turnkey solution takes the headaches out of the clinical trial management

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  • CRA’s holistic patient recruitment approach leverages our extensive network of disease researchers, and patient advocacy groups to assemble a strategy to match the patient to your clinical trial based on your study’s criteria.

    For targeted therapeutics, we use biomarker-driven screening to find the patients expected to respond to your therapeutic, moving quickly and with confidence in data quality thanks to our in-house speciality lab services.

  • We collaborate with you to develop efficient and informative clinical development plans: 

    • Biostatistics

    • Medical Writing

    • Data Management

    • Medical & Safety Monitoring

    • Market Access & Positioning

    • Speciality Labs/Transitional Services

  • From start to finish, both on-site and off, our processes and personnel ensure quality, safety, and efficiency.
    • In-depth implementation procedures mitigate risk and establish comprehensive study-specific plans and documentation.

    • Highly consistent processes and rigorous study-specific training reduce error and deliver reliable study data.

    • Collaborative engagement with both you and key site personnel ensures accurate study execution.

    • Experienced CRAs work on only 1-2 projects, making them study-site experts for your study.

  • To maintain compliance with the FDA and other regulatory agencies, we expedite the delivery of clinical study data into SDTM and ADaM format.
    • We work with internal and external sites and monitors to review, trend, query and clean data on an ongoing basis.

    • Our robust processes, SOPs and technology allow us to delivery ongoing feedback on entry and monitoring.

    • We provide transparency so you can make data-driven decisions to move your clinical program forward

  • We do all the documentation and reporting.
    • Our services include the responsibility of all the documentation aspects of the protocols.

    • CRA obtains IRB approval in an expedited manner, keep and transfer all research data, file all regulatory papers and compliance documentation that are necessary to conduct each individual trial.

    • CRA make our mobile nursing/clinical personnel available to facilitate compliance with all protocol requirements and to assist the investigator and sub-investigators in conducting the specific trial.

Learn more about the mission that the Clinical Research Alliance is on.  

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Learn about our core values, and how they shape the Clinical Research Alliance's culture. 

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What is Clinical Research?  Learn how Clinical Research saves lives by developing treatments, enabling prevention and more. 

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