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Changing the Paradigm
of Clinical Research

CRA Helps Physicians

CRA offers to community physicians a research team of qualified study coordinators with years of experience in the field.
These coordinators are on site for study visits. The CRA team is in communication with the sub-site every step of the way to ensure that only eligible patients are enrolled, and there is a strict adherence to protocol. CRA offers this service to dedicated and knowledgeable physicians who understand the importance of clinical research but lack the infrastructure to perform clinical trials independently. This has become an obstacle for many physicians across the nation. Due to current trying economic times and an inability to provide necessary funds to keep a research program afloat, many physicians’ offices have disbanded their research department. In an effort to solve this issue for physicians, CRA provides its members with the advantage of having mobile study coordinators in their office without the expense of maintaining their salaries, equipment, etc.