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Clinical Research Alliance, Inc. (or “CRA”) has a lot to offer, whether you are a Physician interested in expanding your catalogue of Clinical Trials without having to manage or finance the research infrastructure, or if you are a patient seeking highly experienced and qualified physicians who can offer you our Trials.
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CRA Manages Study Regulatory

Site Management Organizations (SMOs) have become a growing industry in the past few years. Though in some respects, Clinical Research Alliance appears similar to an SMO in its centralization of research-related activities, there are some paramount differences that set it far apart. Firstly, CRA physically places clinical coordinators in every sub-site. They become a mobile infrastructure for the sub-site. They are on-site to ensure stringent compliance to protocol and provide a level of oversight unparalleled by any SMO in existence today. These coordinators are qualified research nurses dedicated to Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines, providing clinical support, delivery of pristine clinical research and assuring data integrity for all stages of pharmaceutical trials.