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Common Questions

FAQs by Doctors

How can I offer CRA’s trials to my patients?

By joining our alliance, you can present CRA’s extensive offering of trials to your patients, while staying free of the burden of running your own research department and coordination infrastructure. Call us today!

What Physicians should be interested in CRA?

  • All community oriented physicians who have been trained in medical oncology fellowship programs that are familiar with research protocols.
  • Physicians who have patients that can potentially benefit from new approaches to the treatment of these neoplastic diseases.
  • Physicians interested in augmenting their practice, while enriching the treatment opportunities of their patients.
  • Physicians committed to advancing the science of treating and controlling cancer, and aiding in the quest to find a cure.

FAQs by Patients

How can I find an oncologist or hematologist that offers these cutting-edge trials?

Browse our map of locations to find a Doctor in your area, or call us today to speak with one of our Clinical Research Coordinators. Not only can they guide you to a physician and help identify trials for which you may be eligible, but they are also present on-site during all study visits to make sure all research procedures are strictly followed, and answer any questions you and your doctor may have about the trial, should you be eligible and decide to enroll on a trial.

What diseases are being targeted by CRA?

We have over 25 active protocols presently open to enrollment consisting of solid and liquid tumor related neoplasms. The list of the diseases being studied by the CRA group is rapidly expanding. All of our studies undergo the rigorous scrutiny of a CIRB and represent the finest in the way of Phase II, Phase III, and Registration-al Trials of the Pharmaceutical Industry. We have developed the answer for the next generation of clinical research needs by forming an alliance of those physicians who face the challenges of Oncology and Hematology on the front lines, becoming facilitators of change and partners in excellence.