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Changing the Paradigm
of Clinical Research

Why Us

Why Us? Simple, because together we can cause change.

Our plan...Streamline, Simplify and Improve!

Bring the clinician and patient together for clinical trials – all within the comforts of community based offices without the stress of travel or changing of doctors, providing pristine clinical data designed to facilitate and advance the treatment of disease. CRA is dedicated to providing our community oncologists the support and vital infrastructure necessary to gather data and administer these studies by our mobile task force of research nurses and clinical research coordinators. This will ensure the ability to provide pristine study data and the appropriate documentation of clinical outcomes in a controlled atmosphere without additional work for your staff. Our proven method of centralized regulatory monitoring and contractual services will expedite the research process resulting in quality data while following the guidelines of Good Clinical Practices.

Our results...Change and Excellence!

  • A centralized uniform approach to the implementation and supervision of clinical trials.
  • Direct access with your physician office providing the necessary mobile staff
  • The most dynamic of studies often involving new treatment strategies to combat cancer
CRA is changing the paradigm of how clinical research is done. As of 2016, CRA has multiple research sites throughout the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut). Our list of Alliance physicians and locations of sites grow and expand daily.