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About Us

CRA (Clinical Research Alliance) is a world class comprehensive team of physicians and medical professionals committed to excellence in clinical research. We provide research services based on extensive experience and success in the delivery of pristine data, trial acuity, clinical support, and data integrity for all stages of pharmaceutical clinical trials.

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Our commitment starts with facilitating community oriented physicians in providing the highest quality of patient care and integrity of clinical service on the front line of disease. This coupled with the science of Pharma research and development, creates the partnership solution and delivery of a successful clinical research team advancing drug and protocol development for all.

Our services include the responsibility of all the documentation aspects of the protocols. CRA will obtain IRB approval in an expedited manner, keep and transfer all research data, file all regulatory papers and compliance documentation that are necessary to conduct each individual trial. In addition, CRA will make available our mobile nursing/clinical personnel to facilitate compliance with all protocol requirements and to assist the investigator and sub investigators in conducting the specific trial.