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We're changing the paradigm of clinical research.

We bring clinicians and patients together for clinical trials – all within the comforts of community based offices without the stress of travel or changing of doctors.

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Streamline, Simplify and Improve.

CRA is changing the paradigm of how clinical research is done. As of 2016, CRA has multiple research sites throughout the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut). Our list of Alliance physicians and locations of sites grow and expand daily.

Why Us

Together, we can cause change.

Our proven method of centralized regulatory monitoring and contractual services will expedite the research process resulting in quality data while following the guidelines of good clinical practices.

Our Services


Whether you are a physician interested in expanding your catalogue of clinical trials without having to manage or finance the research infrastructure, or if you are a patient seeking highly experienced and qualified physicians who can offer you our trials, CRA is here to help.

For Physicians

Clinical Research Alliance offers to community physicians a research team of qualified study coordinators with a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in the field.

For Patients

Clinical Research Alliance gives the patients in our physicians’ offices an opportunity to enroll on a clinical trial employing new, innovative treatment therapies.

Regulatory Management

In addition to clinical oversight, CRA has facilitated research at sub-sites by establishing centralized regulatory management and contractual services.


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